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Although the death penalty was abolished in France in 1981, on account of its activist history (ECPM was created by French abolitionists in 2000), the association carries out long-term educational and awareness-raising activities throughout the French territory. Educational presentations to young people, participation in mass events, organisation of cultural and activist events, etc. Since abolition of capital punishment is the cornerstone of many other fundamental human rights, it remains necessary to ensure that all citizens feel concerned by this issue, in France and around the world.

Activism highlights

Each year, ECPM encourages all citizens to fly the flag of universal abolition and to speak out loud and clear against the death penalty, while taking part in festive and activist events: the Pride March (June) and the Fête de l’Humanité (September), which take place in Paris. ECPM also engages with different audiences on other key dates, including the World Day against the Death Penalty (10 October), and ad hoc events, such as the celebration of 40 years of abolition in France in 2021. These are all opportunities to mobilise our volunteers to call on the general public to join the abolitionist struggle.

These events provide an opportunity to discuss an issue that is often little-known to the general public and to assemble activists, and those who are simply curious, from all over France.

Teach the next generation

Throughout the year, ECPM offers free teaching modules, educational presentations and class projects to get students to reflect on issues related to the death penalty around the world.

Cultural events

The cultural sphere is essential to many human rights struggles, including, of course, the fight for abolition of the death penalty. ECPM endeavours to offer a range of cultural activities for all audiences throughout the year: exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, presentations of publications, theatre performances, and even conferences at which artists take the floor, their voices are raised and heard, strongly echoing our struggle for abolition.

“The Faces of Abolition”, an exhibition on the railings of the Paris City Hall to celebrate 40 years of abolition of the death penalty in France (2021 © Christophe Meireis)

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Couverture Rapport d'activités 2023
Activity report (2023)
Jun 2024
Activity report 2022
Jul 2023

All tools

Focus – summary of the French case on death row around the world (French)
Educational tools and workshops catalogue
Eclairage – synthèse du dossier Français condamnés à mort dans le monde

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Assemblée générale du 25 juin : Hommage à Robert Badinter et célébration des 25 ans de la libération d’Antoinette Chahine
17 June 2024
Le 25 juin, participez à l'assemblée générale d'ECPM où nous honorerons la mémoire de Robert Badinter, pilier de l'abolitionnisme en France. Cette séance sera aussi l'occasion de rencontrer Antoinette Chahine, ancienne condamnée à mort au Liban, symbole de résilience et de détermination.
ECPM opens a tribute book for Robert Badinter
15 February 2024
42 years after the abolition of the death penalty in France, Robert Badinter, a leading figure in the fight, has passed away. It was with great emotion that the ECPM team learned the news on Friday morning, just like the entire abolitionist community. In tribute to him, ECPM is opening…
“Robert Badinter was the beacon that helped us stay on course.” Raphaël Chenuil-Hazan, General Director of ECPM
09 February 2024
We have just learned of the passing of MR. Robert Badinter, what was your initial reaction to this announcement ? I feel a great sadness, a sense of personal loss, an immense void, having lost my mentor, and more broadly, a loss for humanity, for France, for our values, our convictions,…
Olivier Dechaud, Co-founder of ECPM shares his memories of Robert Badinter
09 February 2024
“I am connected to ECPM through two avenues. The first is historical, as I am one of the founders of the association. I had the opportunity to establish a structure and to witness its evolution without deviating from its original theme. The second dates back to my youth. At nineteen,…
“Robert Badinter always saw the dignity of a person regardless of their history, weaknesses, or flaws”, Aminata Niakaté pays tribute to former French Minister of Justice
09 February 2024
With the passing of Robert Badinter, the heart of the entire abolitionist community stops. Robert Badinter, Honorary President of Together Against the Death Penalty, whom I had the honor of meeting, was the tireless advocate for the universal abolition of the death penalty. He was always by ECPM’s side, present…
Normandy World Forum for Peace: Nearly 800 Students visited us!
05 October 2023
On September 28th and 29th, ECPM participated for the 3rd time in the Normandy World Forum for Peace, which was dedicated this year to "Resistance! The Peace of the People." ECPM was among the NGOs in the Village of Peace Activists and offered activities related to universal abolition of the…
Fête de l’Huma 2023 : Join us!
05 September 2023
On 16 and 17 September, ECPM will be at the Village du Monde at the Fête de l'Humanité near Paris to discuss the issues surrounding the death penalty. What's on the programme? Quizzes, games, information, discussions... One of the activist's highlights of the year, not to be missed!
Advocacy, Event
“Death is not justice”: young Europeans advocate for the abolition of the death penalty
17 August 2023
On the 2nd and 3rd of June, ECPM organized, in partnership with the Council of Europe and with the support of the Permanent Representation of France to the Council of Europe, a two-day advocacy and awareness training program for the abolition of the death penalty. The program was aimed at…
#Loveisnotacrime: a look back at the Paris Pride Parade!
26 June 2023
As usual, ECPM responded to Inter-LGBT's call to join the Paris Pride March on Saturday June 24, with a renewed set-up to celebrate our pride and remind us that the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights continues.
Annual General Meeting 2023: François Croquette joins the ECPM Board of Directors
21 June 2023
ECPM's Annual General Meeting was held on June 20 to review the past year, adopt the financial statements and elect a new member. François Croquette, Director of Ecological Transition and Climate at the City of Paris and former French ambassador for human rights, joined the Board of Directors. The ECPM…
Meet the winners of the 6th edition of the “Draw me abolition” competition!
16 June 2023
This year, around 500 young people from 10 different countries brought together their artistic talents and militant commitment to draw up the abolitionist posters of the future. From Austria, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Germany, Indonesia, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda, our young artists demonstrated exceptional creativity! Among…
Taïmoor Aliassi témoigne devant une classe de quatrièmes
Sur le terrain, Témoignage
Special school interventions on the situation in Iran: the urgent need to educate young people on the abolition of the death penalty
29 March 2023
At the beginning of March, ECPM visited schools in the Ile de France region for a special school curriculum on Iran. On this occasion, Shole Pakravan and Taimoor Aliassi, Iranian abolitionist activists, accompanied our teams to testify on / to share their inspiring stories. Their mission? To bring the voice…
Ndume Olatushani's picture portrait
Non classé
Pour la rentrée, ECPM a besoin de vous !
01 September 2022
Advocacy, Editorial / opinion page, Event, In the field, Publication
General meeting 2022: new members elected to join the Board of Directors
30 June 2022
group picture during pride parade in Paris
In the field
Pride parade 2022: a look back at a colourful reunion!
27 June 2022
group picture during a supporting day in Paris for Melissa Lucio
In the field
“Melissa embodies all abolitionist arguments”: a look back at the demonstration in support of Melissa Lucio in Paris
15 April 2022
class picture
Editorial / opinion page, In the field
High school students wrote to Melissa Lucio to show their support, one month before the scheduled execution
01 April 2022
Aminata Raphael Badinter standing
Editorial / opinion page, In the field
Together towards a new abolitionist year!
09 December 2021
flyer 8th congress against the death penalty
Event, In the field
“Let’s rekindle the abolitionist flame!”: The 8th World Congress against the death penalty is only one year from now!
23 November 2021
Picture and drawing of Robert Badinter
Editorial / opinion page, Event
An exhibition with multiple faces
15 October 2021
illustration of Badinter Robert
Editorial / opinion page
Let’s celebrate together 40 years of abolition in France
31 August 2021
portrait of the president of ECPM Aminata Niakate
Editorial / opinion page
“To impose someone the coming of death, the clock ticking and the psychological distress, is absolutely inhuman” : Interview with Aminata Niakate, president of ECPM
06 August 2021
Event, In the field
Announcement of the 5th edition of the “Draw me the abolition” competition’s winners!
30 April 2021
Competition poster
” Draw me abolition “: you are the jury !
06 April 2021
It is time to decide on the winners of the 5th edition of “Draw me abolition”! Out of around 400 posters produced by young people aged between 14 and 20 from 13 different countries, 50 posters have been shortlisted. ECPM and the International Network for Abolition Education are pleased to…
Signatories NGO
Editorial / opinion page
ECPM and several NGOs call on Paris City Hall to oppose the Kingdom of Bahrain’s “sport whitewashing” campaign
02 February 2021
For the immediate and unconditional release of 12 men sentenced to death for crimes they confessed under torture and the imposition of an official moratorium on the application of the death penalty in Bahrain. This Tuesday, on February 2, 2021, the Council of Paris will announce its position on the…
Competition poster
Culture, Event
International poster competition for young people : only one month left to register!
01 February 2021
There are only a few days left to register for the international poster competition “Draw me Abolition”! Organised by ECPM for 5 years, this new edition of the competition already welcomes 200 young participants, ready to commit themselves against the death penalty throughout the world. On the occasion of the…
Editorial / opinion page, Event
Video : 20 years of struggle, Together against the death penalty !
27 January 2021
As you know, we were celebrating in 2020 the 20 years of our association. It is today turned towards the future and rich of our history, born from yours, that we wanted to convey a message to you. Discover it now in our video.  You can activate the English or French subtitles by clicking on…
logo bleu
En images, Sur le terrain
17e Journée mondiale contre la peine de mort à Paris: un témoin, une conférence et une pièce de théâtre
15 October 2019
À l’occasion de la 17e Journée mondiale contre la peine de mort, ECPM et ses partenaires vous donnaient rendez-vous les 9 et 10 octobre pour une série d’événements spéciaux à Paris. Rencontre avec un ancien condamné à mort, conférence, pièce de théâtre… Il y en avait pour tous les goûts ! D’autres…
In pictures, In the field
The 17th World Day Against the Death Penalty is already over, but the fight for abolition continues
14 October 2019
At the dawn of the 17th World Day Against the Death Penalty, ECPM takes you around the world to campaign together for universal abolition. Under the map, find more details about the events we have supported! Follow the news of the abolition with the hashtag #AbolitionNow! Find out more about…
picture at the HUMA festival in France
Event, In the field
SAVE THE DATE: Volunteer with ECPM at Huma 2019
30 July 2019
SAVE THE DATE!!! From 13 to 15 September 2019, participates in the Festival of Humanity with ECPM! Indeed, what could be better than a festive and militant weekend to start the new school year? And because together it’s better, we’ll make festivalgoers aware of the universal abolition of the death…
In the field
Pride march 2019: ECPM video release!
30 July 2019
On June 29, 2019, ECPM put on its best clothes to march during the Paris Pride march. An opportunity to defend his awareness campaign: “The death penalty is homophobic”. One month later, (re)discover our tank and our team of volunteers through this video. ECPM has been mobilizing at every pride…
Editorial / opinion page, In the field
D-2 days before the 2019 Pride march: here is what awaits you!
27 June 2019
This Saturday, June 29, ECPM is wearing its best clothes to march in the colours of the campaign “The death penalty is homophobic” during the Paris Pride march. And this, for the fifteenth consecutive year! ECPM has many surprises in store for you, including a series of mini-games to learn…
cover activities report 2018
Release of the 2018’s activity report of ECPM
27 June 2019
As every year, and like any association thet respects itself, ECPM publishes its activity report. This is an opportunity to look back at 2018, a year rich in actions, successes and prospects for ECPM. The year 2018 focused on Africa, the next abolitionist continent. The African Regional Congress held in…
Editorial / opinion page
Press release: French nationals sentenced to death in Iraq
28 May 2019
28 May 2019 – ECPM deplores the death sentence imposed on six French nationals in Iraq within three days, and calls on the French authorities to do everything in their power to ensure that the death penalty is not carried out. The French Kévin Gonot, Léonard Lopez and Salim Machou…
Editorial / opinion page, Event
Editorial – Brussels Congress: The abolitionist movement is getting stronger and more structured
30 March 2019
By Ramla Liatouji, Coordinator of the 7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty – ECPM, France At the 7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty in Brussels, many of you came to reaffirm your commitment to the establishment of a world without the death penalty. The academic work carried out…