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Asal Abasian’s fight: “Queer identity, for me, signifies a struggle”

Illustration de Robert Badinter par Paul Gros
2023 Activity Report : activism goes on
17 June 2024
The publication of the 2023 Activity Report of ECPM is the opportunity to go through the association actions, in a context of a worrying increase in the number of executions since 2022, especially in states of the Middle East. In preparation of the next World Congress in Paris in 2026,…
In the field
Raising Awareness Among Young People About the Universal Abolition of the Death Penalty: Its Application in Iran and Against LGBTQIA+ People
13 June 2024
Du 13 au 31 mai derniers, ECPM, accompagnée d’Asal Asabian, a rencontré près de 200 jeunes collégien·nes et lycéen·nes d’Île-de-France. Asal Abasian est un·e journaliste queer iranien·ne, lauréate de l'initiative Marianne 2021, militant·e féministe et des droits des personnes LGBTQIA+. En partageant son histoire poignante et ses combats, iel a…
Edward Mutebi: one year after the anti-homosexuality law, the fight continues for LGBTIQA+ rights in Uganda
05 June 2024
Edward Mutebi, a Ugandan activist and founder of Let’s Walk Uganda, now residing in Germany and a member of Queer Amnesty in Berlin, continues to advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights with determination. Since our last discussion, the situation in Uganda has worsened following the adoption of the anti-homosexuality law: an extremely…
China and the Death Penalty: A Well-Kept Secret
14 May 2024
During Xi Jinping's visit to France, ECPM spoke with Marie Holzman, a sinologist specializing in contemporary China and President of the Solidarité Chine association, to review the state of the death penalty in the country. Today, while 46 charges are punishable by death, the Middle Kingdom continues to shroud the…
Press release
Thirty years of moratorium in Morocco : an endless wait
23 April 2024
The actors of the Moroccan abolitionist movement are calling on the Moroccan state to actively commit to the abolition of the death penalty in their country. In an investigative report, conducted in collaboration with the NGO Together Against the Death Penalty (ECPM) and published on April 23, 2024, the four…
«This report comes at a crucial moment» : In Morocco, thirty years of moratorium on executions
23 April 2024
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the moratorium on executions in Morocco, the publication of the investigative mission report on the situation of the death penalty sheds light on the persistent challenges and advancements made. In this cross-interview, Mr. Abderrahim Jamai, coordinator of the Moroccan Coalition Against the…
Maître Yangambi Libote: “Regardless of the crime, humanity should not be sacrificed”
12 April 2024
Firmin Yangambi Libote, a fervent advocate for human rights and opponent of the death penalty in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is currently visiting France. His presence underscores the importance of international dialogue on issues of justice and fundamental rights, particularly in light of the lifting of the moratorium…
Call for joint action to stop drug-related executions in Iran
10 April 2024
10 April 2024 - The death penalty or state murder is the Islamic Republic’s most important tool for instilling societal fear to maintain power. Executions in Iran increased dramatically following the “Woman, Life, Freedom” uprising, with at least 834 people executed in 2023.
Petition: Together, let’s say no to the executions of people sentenced to death in the Democratic Republic of the Congo!
08 April 2024
To His Excellency the President of the Republic and Head of State of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Review of the Iran advocacy during the 55th session of the Human Rights Council
19 March 2024
Side event following the release of the Iran report on the death penalty On March 14, 2024, ECPM, Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO), Impact Iran, and Baluchistan Human Rights Group organised a side event during the session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. More than 60 participants, including representatives from…