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Vote for the moratorium on the universal abolition of the death penalty
Educating for the abolition of the death penalty and human rights in Morocco (French)
Focus – summary of the French case on death row around the world (French)
Focus – summary of the case of French citizens sentenced to death in Iraq (French)
Map – death penalty in Asia 2021
Timeline – Understanding the abolition process in the CAR (French)
Map – situation of the death penalty worldwide in 2021
The death penalty in law and practice – Central African Republic (French)
Presentation flyer of the Network of Lawyers Against the Death Penalty (French, Arab)
Presentation flyer of the Tunisian Coalition against the Death Penalty (French, Arab)
Abolition of the death penalty: A practical guide for NHRIs
10 reasons to abolish the death penalty
Because opposing the death penalty means preserving our humanity and dignity in the face of barbarity, because denying a state the right to kill those in its care means preserving the basis of our freedom, here are 10 reasons to fight the death penalty around the world.
Morocco: The death penalty in law and practice (French)
Conditions of detention for death row prisoners in Morocco are particularly harsh. In 2013, a report by the Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment stated that detainees felt demeaned, marginalised and forgotten.