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Annual General Meeting 2023: François Croquette joins the ECPM Board of Directors

ECPM's Annual General Meeting was held on June 20 to review the past year, adopt the financial statements and elect a new member. François Croquette, Director of Ecological Transition and Climate at the City of Paris and former French ambassador for human rights, joined the Board of Directors. The ECPM team is delighted to welcome a long-standing abolitionist, who has repeatedly demonstrated his strong commitment to the defense of human rights.
Photo de groupe du conseil d'administration d'ECPM dans les locaux de l'association.
The new Board of Directors, from left to right: Richard Sédillot, Emmanuel Oudar, Marie Doucet-Lechantre, Laurent Duarte, Aminata Niakaté, Véronique Mary, Emmanuel Maistre, François Croquette, Edmond-Claude Fréty.

François Croquette joins current president Aminata Niakaté, Véronique Mary, Emmanuel Maistre, Marie Doucet-Lechantre, Emmanuel Oudar, Laurent Duarte, Richard Sédillot and Edmond-Claude Fréty.

The AGM also provided an opportunity to look back on the highlights of 2022, including the 8th World Congress Against the Death Penalty, and to present the winning posters from the 6th edition of the “Draw me abolition” competition, in which over 500 young people took part. Finally, Benoît Basse, author of De la peine de mort en philosophie. Quel fondement pour l’abolition? (The death penalty in philosophy. What basis for abolition?) and lecturer in the Philosophy Department at the University of Reims, shared his views with the participants. What does the death penalty reveal, and how can we continue to convince in today’s world? These were just some of the fascinating questions the philosopher tried to answer, much to the delight of ECPM members.

June 2023
This year, around 500 young people from 10 different countries brought together their artistic talents…