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Let’s celebrate together 40 years of abolition in France

October 10, 2021 will mark 40 years since the abolition of the death penalty in France. This law was introduced by Robert Badinter, then Minister of Justice and current Honorary President of ECPM.

To commemorate this historic victory for human rights in France and to provide ourselves the impetus to carry on the fight worldwide, ECPM invites you to a variety of events this fall: exhibitions, testimonies, theatrical performances, conferences, school events, concerts, an associative village, etc. Join us to dive into a long-running battle, through history and the stories of its major figures.

Two urgent matters will be explored: women, invisible on death row and yet victims of discriminatory sentencing schemes based on gender, and homosexuality, which is punishable by death in 11 countries around the world, and considered illegal in 61 countries. 

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In addition, ECPM is inviting key witnesses and experts on abolition who will speak during the events.

Susan Kigula


Susan Kigula : sentenced to death in Uganda for killing her husband, she has never stopped claiming her innocence. Initiator of a choir of death row inmates, winner of a law degree from London University, she finally obtained her release in January 2016, after 15 years in prison. Already an emblematic figure in her country, she is also one of the greatest figures in the fight against capital punishment in the world.

Mohammed Mkhaitir


Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir : Mauritanian blogger arrested in 2014 after publishing an article denouncing the use of religion to legitimize discrimination against the blacksmith caste. He was then sentenced to death for apostasy. After five years of detention, almost two of which were spent in incommunicado detention, he was finally released in July 2019 after much international pressure and joined France as a political refugee. 

Christelle Vuanga Interview d'Aminata Niakate, juillet 2021 Raphaël-Chenuil-Haza


Christelle Vuanga : member of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is the head of the Gender, Children and Family Commission. Previously president of the Human Rights Commission, Christelle Vuanga is the only woman elected to head a parliamentary commission and an advocate for the abolition of the death penalty in the DRC.



Aminata Niakate, President of ECPM and attorney-at-law at the Paris Bar, she has made commitment to human rights a priority in her life. 




Raphaël Chenuil-Hazan: General Manager of ECPM and President of PDH-French Platform of Human Rights NGOs.

We look forward to seeing you!

Full programme Read our press release (French) Editorial of Raphaël Chenuil-Hazan (French)