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Pride parade 2022: a look back at a colourful reunion!

Just like every year, ECPM was there to carry the colours of its “Love is not a crime” campaign alongside tens of thousands of participants on Saturday 25 June at the Paris Pride Parade, organised by Inter LGBT. It was an opportunity to meet up with our faithful volunteers and some of our partners, such as Rakia Chehida, an activist from theNational Tunisian Coalition Against the Death Penalty (CTCPM): a big thank you to all those who accompanied us for this festive and militant moment!

In 2022 in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Mauritania, Qatar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Brunei, having same-sex relations is punishable by death. In addition to these 11 countries where people are not free to affirm and live their sexual orientation, there are 61 countries where same-sex relationships are illegal: ECPM denounces sexual discrimination and urges the countries in question to decriminalise it.

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