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Video : 20 years of struggle, Together against the death penalty !

As you know, we were celebrating in 2020 the 20 years of our association. It is today turned towards the future and rich of our history, born from yours, that we wanted to convey a message to you. Discover it now in our video. 

You can activate the English or French subtitles by clicking on the “settings” icon in the menu at the bottom right of the video on YouTube.

ECPM wishes you all the best for 2021 ! 

To the founders of Together against the death penalty, to the administrators, employees and volunteers who have agreed to get on board, to overcome obstacles and other pitfalls through their countless efforts. To the partners, be they economic, institutional or political; to the teachers who give voice to this fight in schools; to the students who nourish this debate and carry it beyond their desks. To the lawyers who sometimes plead at the risk of their freedom, to all defenders in danger. To NGOs, associations, the younger generations, to those who keep the flame of abolition alive, to all the activists who have been part of this mission. To the statesmen and women who are advancing this cause with great strides.

To the former prisoners and their loved ones who testify to the reality of this unworthy, unjust and cruel sentence; to those who are still locked up on death row, to their families who rise up to make their cause a universal cause.

To these twenty years of struggle at your side, to the successes that can never be taken away from us. To the victories that today serve as an example. To those who, tomorrow, will shine because they were built together.

With all our hearts, thank you and a beautiful year 2021 to all of you.”

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