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  1. Program and livestreaming
  2. Robert Badinter's message to delegates
  3. Abolition as a global trend
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Follow live the highlights of the 8th World Congress in Berlin!

Nous y sommes : le 8e Congrès mondial organisé par ECPM se déroule à Berlin du 15 au 18 novembre. : les abolitionnistes venu·es de plus de 100 pays se rassemblent comme tous les trois ans dans une nouvelle ville. Que vous soyez à nos côtés à Berlin où en ligne, suivez en direct les cérémonies officielles, les plénières et les nombreuses rencontres qui rythment ce grand moment de militantisme.

Program and livestreaming

For four days, politicians, activists and committed citizens will meet to debate the major issues related to the death penalty in the world. Many witnesses, former death row inmates and civil society personalities, cultural events, workshops… To follow the activities live, log on to or download our dedicated application; to access the livestreaming, all you have to do is register!

Robert Badinter’s message to delegates

Follow our Closing Ceremony on 18 November to hear Robert Badinter’s message

Abolition as a global trend

In 2021, 108 countries and territories have completely abolished the death penalty. 80% of UN Member States no longer execute and 60% of them are abolitionist. The African continent is moving towards abolition: 45 of the 55 African countries are de jure or de facto abolitionist. Some regions of the world still resist abolitionist thinking and continue to apply the death penalty on a large scale. The five countries with the most executions in 2021 are China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria.