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Discover ECPM’s new interactive map

On the occasion of the 18th World Day Against the Death Penalty, ECPM publishes its new interactive map on the situation of capital punishment in the world.
Navigate through this comprehensive and interactive tool, strengthening our international advocacy work and providing a new source of information on the situation of the death penalty worldwide.

Discover the map

The abolition of the death penalty is one of the human rights that has made the most progress in the last 40 years. On 10 October 1981, France became the 35th abolitionist state in the world. That year, two thirds of the countries in the world regularly practised the death penalty. Today, 80% of UN member states no longer execute and almost 60% are abolitionist.

In order to accompany your exploration of this new map, ECPM has drawn up an overview of the death penalty situation in 2020.

You will find a reminder of the countries that apply it the most, the highlights of the year 2020, a focus on Africa, regularly designated as the next abolitionist continent, and the state of its application within intergovernmental organisations.

This map was produced by CartONG team, an NGO specialized in Information Management whose mission is to put data at the service of humanitarian, development and social action projects.

This map was created with the financial support of the European Union. Its content is the sole responsibility of ECPM and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.