In 2001, ECPM organized the first World Congress against the Death Penalty in Strasbourg. Since then, the World Congresses have become the essential triennial meeting place for abolitionists from all over the world, where civil society actors, activists, witnesses, governments and diplomats speak up to call for the universal abolition of the death penalty. Each World Congress is preceded by a regional Congress to focus attention on a particular region of the world.

Find out more about the main themes of the World Congress in Berlin, which will be held from 15 to 18 November 2022, educational materials, and a timeline of previous Congresses. 

Main themes

Young people from six retentionist countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East are mobilizing for the abolition of the death penalty. Brainstorming, creativity, inventiveness and originality are the leitmotivs of the challenge! ECPM will meet them in Berlin, where each delegation will be able to present the development of their action plan to all the audiences present. Let's give a voice to the youth and rekindle the flame of abolition together!

ECPM has joined the #BizVsDp campaign of RBIJ (Responsible Business Initiative for Justice) to call on private sector actors around the world to ask for the universal abolition of the death penalty : today, more than 150 business leaders have already joined the movement. The World Congress against the Death Penalty in Berlin will be an opportunity to take stock of this campaign and to recall the responsibility of companies in the fight for the respect of human rights.

Academic program

The academic program aims to highlight these priorities as well as the regional issues facing abolitionist actors and to support their work by providing practical content.

We invite you to send us your suggestions to develop the program themes. You will also have the opportunity to suggest panellists who could speak during the Congress sessions.


As with previous Congresses, the development of the academic program is a participatory process!


In order to send us your suggestions, please fill out this questionnaire before midnight on April 22, 2022. You can contribute to one or more sessions of the academic program. If you wish, you will be contacted after the compilation of the suggestions received to finalize each academic program theme.

A word from Ramla Liatouji, coordinator

8th World Congress


"The challenge in Berlin will be to strengthen the cohesion of the international abolitionist community and to make Berlin 2022 our first major post-Covid event. This work brings together the permanent teams of ECPM and the congress teams, which join the association to be able to co-construct with our partners this event which has become essential for all activists involved in our cause. It is essential to revive this momentum to further the fight for abolition in a world that is punctually disconcerted by a pandemic that further weakens the issue of fundamental rights such as the death penalty. [...]

My ambition is to rekindle the abolitionist flame after a period of mistrust. I want to give all the stakeholders the desire to continue the fight with even more vigor and conviction."


Antoinette Chahine and Pete Ouko at the 7th World Congress in Brussels, 2019

Chronology of the congresses organised by ECPM

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