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ECPM continuously conducts various campaigns aimed at achieving the universal abolition of the death penalty. From support to Serge Atlaoui and other Indonesian death row inmates, to international human rights advocacy (U.N.), our campaigns reflect the diversity of our causes and means of action.

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Since 2007, a resolution for a universal moratorium on application of the death penalty has been submitted for vote at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) every two years. Through this text, which has been adopted by a large majority of States on every occasion, the UN reaffirms that application of the death penalty is an attack on human dignity “and calls upon all the States which maintain it to establish a moratorium on executions”.

Thus far, 5 resolutions have called for a universal moratorium on executions and each time they have been supported by a growing number of countries. Between 2012 and 2014, 5 countries left the opposition camp for the first time: Surinam, Eritrea, Fiji, Equatorial Guinea and Niger. Expectations are high for the next vote, planned for December 2016 in New York. The international community expects each country to vote in line with its national situation.