ECPM is developing action in a number of countries in order to spread the abolitionist cause far and wide. This work hinges on four essential areas.

The first, federation, involves identifying actors committed to combating the death penalty and enabling them to unite their strengths. Reinforcement, the second area, aims to assist these actors in their struggle against capital punishment by providing support, be it strategic, financial, logistical, etc. This in turn can feed the third area: advocacy. This requires the organisation of high-level political meetings, the creation of awareness raising campaigns, the establishment of regular anti-death penalty events, etc. Finally, the Education section is particularly interested in raising awareness among citizens in the school environment. Through its involvement on the ground, ECPM has developed real expertise in the various obstacles to abolition which can persist in a variety of national contexts.

ECPM in Tunisia 

Since when ?

 ECPM is engaged in Tunisia since 2011.

With whom ? 

ECPM works with the Tunisian Coalition against the Death Penalty (CTCPM)since 2017, the French Development Agency, Norway, Switzerland, the European Union delegation in Morocco, the foundation of France, the Commission for Individual Liberties and equality (COLIBE)


What's the objective ?

- ECPM seeks to support the creation and animation of abolitionist networks in Tunisia. Thus ECPM promotes the meeting of various actors: NGOs, lawyers, doctors, journalists, etc. ECPM thus supports the CTCPM structurally and strategically, with the aim of expanding the number of its members and enabling it to be present throughout the country. ECPM organizes general meetings of the CTCPM, training sessions for its members and develops communication tools.
- ECPM also seeks to promote an in-depth reform of the penal system, through the organization of awareness raising workshops and political meetings.
- ECPM is developing an educational program for young Tunisian middle and high school students. To do this, ECPM organizes interventions in schools, created educational and fun tools (educational guides, board games, exhibitions, comics) adapted to the Tunisian political and cultural context, facilitates the participation of young Tunisians in international competitions that 'she organizes (drawing competition).
- ECPM also seeks to raise awareness among the general public by offering seminars and conferences to raise awareness of the cause. ECPM also offers cultural outings: exhibitions of works against the death penalty, film festivals, theatrical performances.


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For more information on the death penalty in Tunisia, visit our partner site, Tudert.ma.

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2017: ECPM coordinates the project Supporting local actors towards the abolition of the death penalty in North Africa and the Middle East, with the support of the French Development Agency, Norway, Switzerland, Delegation of the European Union to Morocco and the foundation of France.

2015: ECPM supports the creation of a network of ten Tunisian parliamentarians against the death penalty.

2015: ECPM supports the organization of the second general assembly of the CTCPM which elected its new steering committee, chaired by Chokri Latif.

2015: ECPM and CTCPM organize a national conference on the abolition of the death penalty with the aim of fueling public debate.

June 2016: ECPM allows the participation of a very strong Tunisian delegation to the 6th World Congress against the Death Penalty, organized in Oslo.

2016: ECPM organizes a side event at the United Nations (New York), in partnership with the Tunisian mission, to promote the UN resolution on the application of a universal moratorium on executions.

May 2017: ECPM, the Tunisian coalition against the death penalty and the global coalition against the death penalty publish a joint report in view of the UPR of Tunisia.

September 2017: during a mission to Tunisia, ECPM participated in a conference as part of the launch of the project "Containing the death penalty in times of conflict", meeting with parliamentarians and discussion with the president of the INDH.

October 10, 2017: On the occasion of World Day Against the Death Penalty, ECPM takes part in a series of events including a press conference and a cultural week.

December 2017: ECPM organizes a side-event with the Francophone Association of National Human Rights Commissions (AFCNDH) in Abidjan in partnership with the CNDH of Morocco.

December 2017: ECPM carries out a mission to Tunisia to advocate for a revival of the parliamentary network and

April 2018: during the ACHPR, ECPM organizes a side event on the death penalty in North Africa, co-organizes another panel on the death penalty and makes an oral intervention on the death penalty in North Africa.

June 2018: ECPM and COLIBE write an open letter to the President of Tunisia requesting the abolition of the death penalty. This letter is written within the framework of the COLIBE report.

July 2018: ECPM participates in the launch of a new parliamentary network against the death penalty.

September 2018: the President of the CTCPM and ECPM meet with the Commissioners of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR) to remind that NGOs from North Africa are not sufficiently represented at the ACHPR.

April 2019: ECPM and the CTCPM publish a joint press release on the occasion of the Arab League summit in Tunis.

October 10, 2019: for the 17th World Day against the Death Penalty, ECPM is co-organizing a film festival and an exhibition on Avenue Bourguiba.