ECPM is developing action in a number of countries in order to spread the abolitionist cause far and wide. This work hinges on four essential areas.

The first, federation, involves identifying actors committed to combating the death penalty and enabling them to unite their strengths. Reinforcement, the second area, aims to assist these actors in their struggle against capital punishment by providing support, be it strategic, financial, logistical, etc. This in turn can feed the third area: advocacy. This requires the organisation of high-level political meetings, the creation of awareness raising campaigns, the establishment of regular anti-death penalty events, etc. Finally, the Education section is particularly interested in raising awareness among citizens in the school environment. Through its involvement on the ground, ECPM has developed real expertise in the various obstacles to abolition which can persist in a variety of national contexts.

ECPM in Iran


Since when ?

With whom ?

 ECPM works with Iran Human Rights (IHR) for its annual report on the death penalty in Iran, and with Impact Iran, ABC (??) and The Association for Human Rights in Kurdistan (KMKK-G).

What's the objective ?





March 2018: publication of the annual report of IHR and the ECPM on the death penalty in Iran. On this occasion, ECPM made a joint oral intervention with IHR at the Human Rights Council and organized a side-event at the 37th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

November 12, 2018: ECPM sends a letter co-signed by many local partners and NGOs to the permanent UN missions in order to draw attention to the human rights situation in the country.

December 18, 2018: Hearing at the European Parliament in Strasbourg of an Iranian delegation on the death penalty accompanied by ECPM, as part of Human Rights Week.

February 2019: presentation of the IHR and ECPM annual report on the death penalty in Iran at the 7th World Congress against the Death Penalty in Brussels.

March 2019: co-signature of a letter intended for the same member of the UN Human Rights Council in support of the renewal of the mandate of the United Nations Special Rapporteur in Iran.

March 2019: co-sponsorship of a side-event on the rights of the child in Iran on the sidelines of the Human Rights Council session.

September 2019: joint side-event with Impact Iran, ABC, IHR and KMMK-G, at the UN for the UPR of Iran