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Mohamed El-Baradei calls to “err on the side of mercy, and compassion” on the 4th Regional Congress on the Death Penalty

On the occasion of the Fourth Regional Congress on the Death Penalty, held in Amman last month, several leading figures in the fight for human rights expressed their support for the abolitionist community and their emotion at the announcement of the first public event on the death penalty in the Middle East. Mohamed El-Baradei, former Vice-President of Egypt and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005, delivered a powerful message in a video calling for peace and compassion.
Mohamed El-Baradei, Former Vice-President of Egypt and Nobel Peace Laureate in 2005

Around 200 delegates took part in the Fourth Regional Congress on the Death Penalty in the Jordanian capital, each contributing their point of view on the abolition of capital punishment in the region. The debates culminated in a final declaration co-drafted by all the participants, issuing a series of recommendations addressed to Middle Eastern governments, judges, journalists and civil society actors, encouraging them to mobilise for the abolition of capital punishment.

July 2023
At the end of two days of intense discussion and debates, the 4th Regional Congress…