#AbolitionNowTour : World Youth Stands Against the Death Penalty

28 October 2021

ECPM mobilizes world youth

It's a first ! Before the next World congress against the death penalty, meant to take place in Berlin in november 2022, ECPM presents the #AbolitionNowTour: a unique mobilization programm destined to young people in six countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.

The objective? Find solutions that will allow them to build a strategic action plan, to contribute to the abolition of the death penalty in their country. Brainstorming, creativity, inventiveness and originality will be the leitmotivs of the challenge! During two days, the selected students and young professionals will form national delegations, supervised by Margaux Richet, Intercultural Trainer-Facilitator and Moderator.

The project will take place over several months and targets 6 countries in which ECPM is already conducting advocacy actions for the abolition and/or in support of convicts and their families: Morocco, DRC, Kenya, Indonesia, Lebanon or Jordan, and the United States.

Are you between 18 and 30 years old? Are you a student of law, journalism, political science, communication, arts, education, humanities or are you involved in civil society and passionate about human rights? Apply at the foot of this page and join the next #AbolitionNowTour workshops!

The delegations that complete their actions within six months of the workshop will be invited to the Berlin Congress in November or December 2022, in order to present their work to the other national delegations and to all the participants (politicians, lawyers, NGOs, students, media, etc.).

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Rabat, October 23rd and 24th

First stop: Morocco! On October 23rd and 24th, a group of young abolitionists determined to end the death penalty in their country met for the first time at the National Institute for Human Rights Training in Rabat for the first #AbolitionNowTour workshop. Guided in the design of their action plan by Margaux Richet, moderator and intercultural facilitator, and Aymane Aouidi, our local point of contact, the participants also listened to the powerful testimony of Ahmed Ahou, former death row inmate, as well as the inspiring talks of Amina Bouayach, President of the Moroccan National Council for Human Rights (CNDH), and Fadoua Farhat, Project Manager at the Moroccan Prison Observatory (OMP). Stay tuned to follow the progress of their actions!

Priority action | The participants have been strongly influenced by the testimony of Ahmed Haou, a former death row inmate in Morocco, and offer to make 2 short videos of testimonies of convicts or former convicts. The videos would be presented to different people after having asked them their opinion about the death penalty. The question will be asked again after viewing the video. Second, the participants would like to organize a round table discussion to raise awareness about the abolition of the death penalty.

Next stop: Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa, November 13rd and 14th

The #AbolitionNowTour spend the weekend in DRC! For the second workshop, Mrs. Suzanne Mangomba, Maître Liévin Ngondji and Maître Charlène welcomed this new group of young abolitionists in Kinshasa. Their interventions allowed us to pass the abolitionist flame to our participants who were very touched and were able to start the workshop in a spirit of cohesion. In spite of the rain, the ideas flowed thanks to their motivation, to the involvement of the CPJ, our local partner, and to the non-formal education methods of Margaux Richet. Maître Liévin said he was "amazed by their finesse, intelligence and creativity": the future of the abolition is assured!

Priority action | One word: ambition! This second group of young abolitionists have indeed chosen to set up an advocacy strategy in order to submit a memorandum to the President of the Republic himself. To be continued...

Next stop: Kenya

Nairobi, November 20th and 21st

For the new #AbolitionNowTour workshop, we met a third group of abolitionists full of creativity and ideas to carry the project forward and advance the abolition of the death penalty in Kenya. Under the benevolent eye of Pete Ouko, our local point of contact and former death row inmate, participants heard the poignant testimony of William Okumu, also a former death row inmate, who honored us by participating in the entire workshop. Follow this very connected delegation on instagram

Priority action | This third group decided to focus its energy on organizing 3 conferences over 6 months with three different groups: universities, high schools and communities, in order to raise awareness about abolition among students and Kenyan youth. 

Next stop: Indonesia!

How to apply to the next workshops?


Submit the completed form with a video (1 minute max.) to briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your motivation!

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