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7th World Congress against the Death Penalty… it was 6 months ago (already)!

Already 6 months have passed since the 7th World Congress against the Death Penalty, which was held in Brussels from 26 February to 1 March 2019. More diversified, more participatory and more formative than ever, this 7th edition brought together more than 1500 actors in the abolitionist struggle from all over the world. Together, during these four days of debates, training, workshops and cultural events, we seized the opportunity to pool our strengths and ideas to generate projects and achieve our common goal: the universal abolition of the death penalty.

Remember…. After the Congress, we asked you to keep us informed if you were to launch a project, a campaign or publish a report aimed at advocacy or awareness-raising at the local or wider level. Some of you have already done something, others are ready to do it.

Débat - 7e Congrès mondial contre la peine de mort, Bruxelles

We will be able to relay them to all our partner networks, give them greater visibility, and ensure that the synergies created during the Congress are implemented locally. To do so, please send your news to

On the ECPM side…. During these 6 months, we have….

  • Dedicated a Youtube channel gathering all the videos of the Congress and regularly updated
  • And continued our advocacy actions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cameroon, the DRC, the Maghreb countries, Iran and Mauritania…

Irak djihadistes

Mission d'enquête en Mauritanie

Au Cameroun