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Do you really know what the death penalty is?

I became involved in the abolitionist movement in 2008 when I came across a newspaper article about Troy Davis, who was on death row in Georgia. Only two hours before his scheduled execution, he was told that he was going to receive a stay of execution. I thought that to impose this period of waiting for death, with the clock ticking and the psychological distress, was absolutely inhuman. He was executed at a later date, although he had always maintained his innocence.

Aminata Niakate ECPM President

More than ever before, we must stand in solidarity with activists in these countries. We must support them at all costs, just as we must make our voices heard at every execution, each one constituting a crime against humanity. The task at hand is unfinished and challenging. Activists need to redouble their efforts. I thank them from the bottom of my heart, especially those who fight against the scourge of capital punishment in countries where it is still applied... I am convinced that the movement can only grow and become stronger. However, it depends on you, those who are fighting the abomination of the death penalty on a daily basis. Never forget: the death penalty is always an absolute negation of the first human right, the right to life.

Robert Badinter ECPM Honorary President, former Minister of Justice, France