ECPM has been active in Tunisia since 2011, in partnership with the Tunisian Coalition Against the Death Penalty.


– supporting the creation and leadership of abolitionist networks in Tunisia ;

– encouraging a variety of actors to meet (NGOs, lawyers, doctors, journalists, etc.) so that anti-death penalty networks increase across the country as a whole ;

– encouraging CTCPM’s involvement within the Maghreb abolitionist network through the exchange of good practices.


In 2015, ECPM supported the creation of a network of 10 Tunisian parliamentarians, coordinated by the MP Leyla Hamrouni. ECPM made it possible for a very strong Tunisian delegation to participate in the 6th World Congress Against the Death Penalty organised in Oslo in June 2016.


– assisting CTCPM structurally and strategically with the aim of increasing the number of members and making it possible for it to have a presence across the country ;

– organising CTCPM’s General Assemblies by organising training sessions for its members and developing communication tools.


In 2015, ECPM supported the organisation of CTCPM’s second General Assembly where it elected its new Management Committee chaired by Mr Chokri Latif.


– carrying out advocacy campaigns in support of abolition, nationally and internationally ;

– seeking to encourage in-depth reform of the criminal system through the organisation of an awareness raising workshop and political meetings ;

– developing a campaign on the situation of Tunisian prisoners sentenced to death ;

– facilitating the presence of Tunisian actors within international bodies and associating them with campaigns in support of the UN resolution for the application of a universal moratorium on executions, and the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (OP2) ;

– through the production of a report and the organisation of side events at the UN in Geneva, ensuring respect for the commitments made by Tunisia at the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) the mechanism used by the Human Rights Council (HRC).


In 2015, ECPM and CTCPM organised a national conference on abolition of the death penalty with the aim of stimulating the public debate. In 2016, the organisation organised a side event at the UN (New York) in partnership with the Tunisian mission in order to promote the UN resolution for application of a universal moratorium on executions.


– developing a teaching programme with Tunisian middle and high-school pupils. Through visits to schools, this programme encourages meetings with abolitionist figures and witnesses, incarnating the horror of capital punishment ;

– creating teaching tools (teaching guides, board games, exhibitions, cartoons) and leisure tools adapted to the Tunisian political and cultural context ;

– facilitating the participation of young Tunisians in the international competitions it organises (drawing competition) ;

– proposing seminars and conferences to raise awareness about the cause ;

– raising awareness among the general public through cultural events: exhibitions of anti-death penalty work, film festivals, theatre performances.