Votes on the resolution for a universal moratorium on the application of the death penalty at the UN in 2016

Votes in favour of the adoption of the resolution
Votes against the adoption of the resolution

They support us

Antoinette Chahine Former Lebanese death row prisoner

Antoinette Chahine

ECPM is a ray of hope shining in all prison cells. What ECPM does in Arab countries is amazing. Without the serious human support of ECPM, I would not be able to pursue my fight against the death penalty and my defence of human rights in the world in such an active and authentic way. And the most important for me is that I believe that ECPM contributes to saving lives and defending human rights throughout the world.”

Mairead Maguire Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 1976

Mairead Maguire

I can’t imagine anything more important than working to save lives. I completely support your fight to abolish the death penalty.”

Robert Badinter Honorary President of ECPM

Robert Badinter

In revolutionary times and during the reconstitution of a State of Law, ECPM is calling upon political leaders so that we may have a bright new future by abolishing capital punishment. ECPM can therefore be found everywhere where the death penalty is still prevalent or remains a part of legal texts. ”

Shirin Ebadi Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 2003

Shirin Ebadi

I am convinced that the actions carried out by ECPM contribute to creating a better world founded on values of peace, freedom, human dignity and social justice.”