ECPM is developing action in a number of countries in order to spread the abolitionist cause far and wide. This work hinges on four essential areas.

The first, federation, involves identifying actors committed to combating the death penalty and enabling them to unite their strengths. Reinforcement, the second area, aims to assist these actors in their struggle against capital punishment by providing support, be it strategic, financial, logistical, etc. This in turn can feed the third area: advocacy. This requires the organisation of high-level political meetings, the creation of awareness raising campaigns, the establishment of regular anti-death penalty events, etc. Finally, the Education section is particularly interested in raising awareness among citizens in the school environment. Through its involvement on the ground, ECPM has developed real expertise in the various obstacles to abolition which can persist in a variety of national contexts.

ECPM in Mauritania


Since when ? 

ECPM started its action in Mauritania in 2014.

With whom ? 

ECPM works with the Mauritanian Coalition against the Death Penalty, Refugees-Human Rights Planet (PRDH), the Mauritanian Association for Human Rights (AMDH), the Solidarity Committee with Victims of Human Rights Violations (CSVVDH) and the RAFAH association.

Since 2017, ECPM has been coordinating the project Accompagner les acteurs locaux vers l'abolition de la peine de mort en Afrique du Nord et au Moyen-Orient, with the support of the Agence française de développement, Norway, Switzerland, the European Union Delegation in Morocco and the Fondation de France.

Which objectives ?

ECPM aims to support the Muaritanian Coalition so that it can grow. ECPM advocates for a reform of the Penal Code, promotes international instruments such as the resolution for a moratorium on executions and the monitoring of commitments made by the country during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

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2014: ECPM supports blogger Mohammed Mkhaitir, sentenced to death for apostasy.

July 2016: ECPM facilitates the organization of an awareness workshop on the right to life and penal reform, in the presence of around fifty people.

April 2018: ECPM organises a side event on the sidelines of the ACHPR session in Nouakchott on the death penalty in the Maghreb.

May 2018: ECPM issues a joint public statement with 20 other NGOs in order to call on the Mauritanian authorities to repeal the new law provided for in article 306 of the Penal Code making the death penalty mandatory in the event of blasphemy, even if there is to repent. This text was adopted on April 27, 2018 while the 62nd session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights was being held in Nouakchott, including a panel on the death penalty.

February 2019: ECPM and its partners, PRDH, AMDH, CSVVDH and RAFAH publish a fact-finding mission report constituting the first study on the death penalty and the conditions of detention and treatment of death row prisoners in Mauritania. It is presented in preview at the 7th World Congress.

May 2019: ECPM conducts an advocacy mission in Mauritania and meets the President of the CNDH of Mauritania as well as the Commissioner for Human Rights and parliamentarians.

June 2019: ECPM and its partner AMDH participate in the session of the Human Rights Committee in Geneva after having submitted a joint alternative report.

July 29, 2019: After a long battle, numerous pleas to the authorities and numerous public statements, Mohammed Mkhaitir is finally released and leaves Muaritania with the help of ECPM.

December 2019: ECPM conducts an advocacy mission to Mauritania and meets with the Minister of Justice, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the President of the CNDH and parliamentarians.

June 2020: ECPM coordinates the submission of a joint shadow report ahead of Mauritania's UPR.


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